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Candy Elektra's Journal


Candy Elektra
29 August
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Erotic artist. Creative Creations through the Love of Lust, Trembling Torment Trust, Glitter of Twitter Crust & a Candy Coating on Glazed Giggling Girls a must!

Seattle · CandyCoatedGirls.com


Officer Cock Crockery from Candy Elektra on Vimeo.

written in balk

shot in the balk bubble

camera: webcam

video editing, production, and overall entire creation of absolutely everything = LIGHT [and the baby balk bird used as a medium = me ;-) ]

If you slow it down and transcribe, you will hear the truth that was predicted to a T!

If you'd like to see more photo shoots and video of myself and the CCG models, I am always looking for beautiful girls to do photo shoots with, so if you're interested just go to the CCG website and fill out the application, which can be found in the "Models" page of the site.

This is a fractal of for-site inside the Balk Bubble of Candy's brain on bugs.

Perceptions, random recollections, subconscious streams, delirious day dreams, and cognition calculated through the speed of my night light.

All thoughts were streamed while in a state of automated art and oblivion of orion (and his nebula).

Most transcriptions were excreted, secreted, and sexcreted from the brain within my bubble-rubble and re-routed (always taking a right) through my unconscious fingertips.

During the actual writing of such Candy "balk", an onlooker may describe my state as "trance" like or hypnotic. I can often engage in unrelated conversation, completely unaware of what is actually being written or "balked" until later dissected.

I believe that a combination of diagnosed sleep disorders (including narcolepsy and the appearance of consciousness while sleep-LIVING), play a large role in the creation of such a surreal buoyancy of balk.

Due to the constant states of twilight hypnotic streams within my reality and thought, an "auto-pilot" of awareness laxidazily loiters the front office of conscious collection. The subconscious and dream state balks through the cognition of my brain and delivers the dream state 'Real Time in the Raw...as opposed to a recollection explanation via 3rd party relayed conscious deciphering.

While I may look like me...smell like me...sound like me... I've probably been hijacked by a fellow Atlantian or Photon Belt Picketer using me as a bullhorn for harmonic hymns used at just the frequency of light.

-packed full of powerfully psychic, precise predictions and vividly hypnotic brain unveiling.